23 February, 2012

Update 2-23-2012

It's been a while. I know I haven't been around, and I apologize.

I have a new apartment. It's pretty boss, and it's no longer in my parent's basement.

I have my kitty, Mal, with me. She's pretty awesome too, except the part where she wont let me blog due to her wanting to strangle my neck with her cat body.

I spent most of december drunk. Honestly, i did. I lived alone, no girlfriend, no job. My world was pretty dark for a while. Then i got a new job.

I met someone awesome. We'll call her Skipper. She's pretty much awesome at everything.

I no longer drink as much.

My days are taken up by the contracting work i have been doing on the side after my job.

09 January, 2012


Hi blog. We haven't talked in a while. I just figured I'd fill you in on my life.

My last job? The awesome one i left a good job for? That one was awful. I wanted to run into traffic every day at that new job. Oh, and they fired me 2 weeks before Christmas.

That awesome girlfriend I loved so much? Yeah, we split. She wanted a ring for Christmas, and i wasn't ready. We had a long discussion, and quietly went our own ways.

I live alone, with my cat.

I have a job right now. Just started it actually. Seems pretty cool. I taught my manager a few things about the kitchen on my first day. Funny shit.

Hope you've been doing well blog. I missed you. I promise we'll stay in touch nowadays. I have nothing else to do.

12 November, 2011

This is my life.

I've fallen away from my friends. All those who I used to talk to are gone. If we used to talk and hang out a lot, come hit me up. My apartment is empty without you.

03 November, 2011

My girlfriend rocks.

I love her. I want her for forever. But I'm scared to tell her

05 June, 2011

Here's a post.

Here's the neckbeard so far. Volume is increasing wonderfully. It does look horribly like pubic hair on my neck, which may or may not be a bad thing. I am fully confident that within a couple weeks it will be fuller, and nicer. It has tried multiple times to encroach upon my face, but i have beat it back every time. It's just annoying to see hair from your neck leaking onto your face.
More beardly updates to follow.

Sorry i havent been around much

14 May, 2011

Week three

Not much to update here. Just posting my weekly update.

The beard. Is growing. It is slowly gaining volume, and looking more like a beard. Hopefully the stupid bald spot covers up soon. I dont like it. the bald spot.