30 March, 2011

Another post about work

So, an opportunity has crossed my path. The opportunity to move on with my career, and get out of a kitchen.
I am super happy that i might have the chance to leave the superbly stressful environment that is a kitchen in a restaurant. That kind of environment surely does not breed creativity, as many of you can see. My blog posts are short, full of pictures, and usually about something stupid. It is as if my mind plays itself as a children's book.

My mind does play itself as a children's book. Just lots of pictures with a few words in between.

So, in other news. I went to goodwill the other day with the lady, and found a helluva deal. Sitting there in the electronics case was The Sims 2. For $4.99. Lightly used. I jumped at the deal, and since I'm going to be an architect in the next few years, i figured it wouldn't help but to practice with a game that originated as an architects program to figure out traffic patterns in home design.

I have become addicted. building houses without extravagance, bare minimum structures for families of 1, 2, 2 with a child, 3 with 1 pair having a child. Using the programming to separate them into duplexes, multilevel homes, single level ranch style houses... I love it.

If you do not have The Sims 2. Buy Steal it.

28 March, 2011

Minecraft project update

Okay, nerdy time. Minecraft Project update.
Ive dug down another 10 or 12 layers, the strata are more varied now with larger deposits of gravel and dirt. Coal and iron are abundant, and I have seen quite a bit of gold start to emerge.
The lighting seemed a bit wonky, so I went overboard.

Holy Bejeebus, its getting huge.

Its rather impressive if you take into account that this is completely Vanilla, as in no cheating. So much Coal went into making the torches.

Making projects like this makes me miss my old minecraft houses.
The Na'vi would be jealous.

Frank Lloyd Wright inspired.

The awesome pyramid i blew up.
And the awesome Zombie skin i made.

I have no idea how to resize them, but meh... enjoy the views.
I figured out how to resize them, and added some more... Enjoy

24 March, 2011


Holy Mother of everything holy Batman!

People read my blog!

I logged on a week ago and had 2 followers. This morning I checked, and for some idiotic reason... ELEVEN!
>mfw 11 followers.

I guess that means i should give some more meaty posts. *snicker* Meaty Posts. Now my nickname for my downstairs.

Dr. Jeffery Leonard MeatyPost DDS.

Why my dude junk is dentist, I dont know.


I had a dream last night. A dream i was gonna surprise my girlfriend by cutting my hair myself.
I grabbed the nearest knife, which happened to be a packing knife and proceeded to give myself a *razor cut*. Apparently box cutters arent the best at giving haircuts, because i shaved a bit of my head. Which is pretty precise, considering the implement used.

At this point i decided it would be best to wear a hat around her from now on, but my friends in the dream egged me on to just shave it off... So i grabbed the box cutter again, and filled my scalp with shaving cream. Then I woke up.

With my full head of hair.
Which is glorious.

22 March, 2011

Yeah buddy.

I love my girlfriend. She is totally awesome. We have spent the last 2 months together, talking every day. We honestly havent run out of things to talk about. She makes me laugh every day. Stuff lately has been pretty crazy, getting ready to go back to college. Just got off a 49 hour week due to a couple lazy asses that have decided that a full time job only needs a part time commitment.


Im fucking exhausted.

20 March, 2011


MY kitten is so getting fixed.
Kitten periods are wayyyyyyy more annoying than people periods.
All my cat has done is Meow.
All. The. Time.
For like 3 days straight.

no, i will not have cat sex with you.

Im taking your ovaries away.

19 March, 2011

Work work work.

So, for the next couple of days i might drop off the radar due to work. I work two doubles back to back, and will be spending the rest of my time sleeping. It is all money i need though, so I am not complaining. Well, a little bit. First off, I honestly do not get paid enough for the amount of work I have to do, or the responsibilities that I have. Secondly... well.... there is no secondly. Raise time.

Just sayin.

I need to sleep.


16 March, 2011


There is a little something called Minecraft. It is by far my favorite game. It poses unlimited creativity, and is completely open source.
Basically, you start out on a deserted land. You spawn with no tools, weapons, armor, or instructions. You punch trees, gain wood. Then you make your crafting bench, and make tools and numerous other things in order to survive. During the day, you are safe, but as soon as the crimson sunset ends.... you better hide, or fight.

Here are a couple of my completed projects that were promptly deleted due to my lack of being able to keep any of them handy. lol

That, my friends is what happens when one world crashes, and loads another world on top of it. The seam posed an awesome challenge architecturally, so i pounced on it and created what you see here.
The three decks have 3 or 4 rooms assigned to each area near it... twas actually pretty snazzy... i had recessed torch lighting.

THAT monstrosity, is the hotel. Designed on graph paper in the middle of a box of wine.
each window corresponds to a room. the back of it had a large outdoor rec area including an infinity pool that butted up against the ocean. If you dont know what infinity pool is... look it up. its awesome.

My latest project is to hollow out a HUGE underground area, similar to a pyramid. This is as far as I have progressed.
only 40 more layers. yowch.

Im planning on an underground city, complete with lights, grass, trees, and roads.

visit it.
get addicted.

10 March, 2011


I feel very doodly today.
I might just post a few.

Oh, and work sucks. This place i am currently working at is implementing so many bullcrap policies that its nearly impossible to keep up. I hate corporate beaurocratic bullcrap.

07 March, 2011

Collegiate Nervosa

Orientation is TO MORROW.

Im heading back to college!

I haven't even so much as cracked a book in 3 years, and now i am going to be expected to be a college student??

I have to do math? The most math i need to know at my current job is how to count to twelve, or fourteen... depending on what station I am working at. As far as this college stuff goes, I am not so sure. I will get through it though, considering I DO need to do this to further my life, ad better myself.

I have been stuck in neutral too long. It is time to spin the tires and tear this shit up.

05 March, 2011


When the main character spends most of the film looking like this...

People swoon.

Go see this movie, if for nothing else, but to marvel at the awesomeness in the makeup.

That is all

04 March, 2011

Well, lets start this off right...

I decided to relaunch my blog.

I know, right?

I figured the masses of people on the internet did not need to read about the stupid bullcrap between me and a certain individual anymore. OH, and all the self loathing, self centered , woe-is-me posting is gone as well!

now with 30% more *bleeargh*

OH, and drawing and illustrations now.

End of Line


So, lately things have been looking up!

I am sad to say that the other situation did not pan out quite that well. A bill for $4800 dollars and an overnight stay in the hospital was the tipping point for a certain mentally unstable individual. I suddenly became the worst person on the face of the planet.

I am sorry you are crazy.

Get over yourself.

I am also proud to say that I am trying to write a screenplay. It is more so for my own letting go process than anything. When you've been through trauma for so long, you need a catharsis.

Moving on...

I have reconnected with someone whom I attended high school with. She is currently studying to be a cosmetologist. Wanna know a secret? *I had a crush on her ALL through the time I knew her.* I never told her though, mostly because she was dating my best friend. The years have gone by, however. She was single, so I snatched her up!

isnt she the cutest? I think it was the monocle.

And since I have not used my optimism in the past, its time to turn a new leaf.

Here are 10 reasons why I consider this an upgrade to my life
  1. I smile almost everyday, and have a lot more fun.
  2. She is 5 10. No more crouching for kisses.
  3. No felonies, Children, drug habits, or horribly mysterious past.
  4. Honesty and trust.
  5. She likes turtles too.
  6. Pedicures. Nuff said.
  7. Cuddling is a must.
  8. *insert awesome naughty stuff here*
  9. My parents like her
  10. Im dating my high school crush.
Anyways... I think im gonna keep posting, especially since i start college again soon. It has been 3 years since ive gone to school. It feels weird being back in the college swing of things. But i like this swing, And the swingset. It is actually a swing that could get me somewhere. Im tired of going back and forth on the same rusty chains.