28 March, 2011

Minecraft project update

Okay, nerdy time. Minecraft Project update.
Ive dug down another 10 or 12 layers, the strata are more varied now with larger deposits of gravel and dirt. Coal and iron are abundant, and I have seen quite a bit of gold start to emerge.
The lighting seemed a bit wonky, so I went overboard.

Holy Bejeebus, its getting huge.

Its rather impressive if you take into account that this is completely Vanilla, as in no cheating. So much Coal went into making the torches.

Making projects like this makes me miss my old minecraft houses.
The Na'vi would be jealous.

Frank Lloyd Wright inspired.

The awesome pyramid i blew up.
And the awesome Zombie skin i made.

I have no idea how to resize them, but meh... enjoy the views.
I figured out how to resize them, and added some more... Enjoy

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  1. I have heard horrible (wonderful) things about this game and how addicting it is. I've been avoiding it for that very reason. I can't afford more addictions!