24 March, 2011


Holy Mother of everything holy Batman!

People read my blog!

I logged on a week ago and had 2 followers. This morning I checked, and for some idiotic reason... ELEVEN!
>mfw 11 followers.

I guess that means i should give some more meaty posts. *snicker* Meaty Posts. Now my nickname for my downstairs.

Dr. Jeffery Leonard MeatyPost DDS.

Why my dude junk is dentist, I dont know.


I had a dream last night. A dream i was gonna surprise my girlfriend by cutting my hair myself.
I grabbed the nearest knife, which happened to be a packing knife and proceeded to give myself a *razor cut*. Apparently box cutters arent the best at giving haircuts, because i shaved a bit of my head. Which is pretty precise, considering the implement used.

At this point i decided it would be best to wear a hat around her from now on, but my friends in the dream egged me on to just shave it off... So i grabbed the box cutter again, and filled my scalp with shaving cream. Then I woke up.

With my full head of hair.
Which is glorious.


  1. i think it's all thanks to Kate Webber. She featured your sketch on her blogpost (she has a lot of followers btw) , and it was a great sketch I must say. ^^

  2. It was an awesome sketch you did of me!! I loved my sketch. :D Thanks for drawing me!

    Also... your meat post is a dentist? I guess "oral" hygiene is important.

  3. supposedly dreaming about cutting hair means something... but i dont know what.