27 February, 2010


Well, things have been going alright. Taxes came back, and apparently since I moved out a scant 4 months before the end of the year, my parents get to claim me. This situation is not favorable to my mood because instead of a return I owe nearly 200$. I still smile though. That's all you can really do when times like these roll around. I barely make it from check to check. I can't afford groceries, or clothes. I live off from food at work, and the kindness of people who stop by my place and bring me edible, and sometimes non-edible items. I live in complete and utter poverty. I've actually cut down on trips out for alcohol. I rarely am at the bar drinking alcohol, and if I am, it's on someone else's dime. (Sorry Wisepanda)

Karaoke at a gay bar. Apparently the michael jackson songs all cut off halfway through. Michael jackson is TOO gay for a gay bar, but country songs play just fine. Odd, hmm?

22 February, 2010

Inquiring about a camera on craigslist.


Date: 2010-02-20, 10:45AM EST
Rarely used because we don't have the need. This is such a nice compact video camera; it will fit right in your pocket or you can put it in the case provided. This video camera comes with the operation guide, power cord for recharging, all the cables for downloading, viewing on tv, etc. Records for over 1 hour at 1080 HD and comes with a 4 GB memory card.

AgoraphobicAlcoholic to Seller:

Concerning your camera. I know it's compact, as i can see from the picture, but i was just wondering if there were any extra gigabyte cards that you could buy for it. You see I'm trying to find out if my wife is cheating on me, and I'd probably need several memory cards to swap out every hour or so, that way i make sure i catch her.

Seller to AgoraphobicAlcoholic:

Yes, you can certainly get memory cards for it to swap out. This 4 GB card will hold up to 16 hours of video on a lower resolution too. You just buy SD cards anywhere. You would have to have the camera plugged in though to record for these long periods.

AgoraphobicAlcoholic to Seller:

I plan on having it plugged in, but i would like to shoot at a higher resolution, something high enough that i'd be able to say, plug it into a projector at the place of work that she is at and show it to her and her boos and get sweet sweet retribution. Would i be able to do that with this camera? because she has a very small tattoo on her ankle that could prover her identity, and her boss has a well detailed birthmark on his ass (don't ask, christmas party)... I want both of them visible on a drak conference room's projector screen.

Seller to AgoraphobicAlcoholic:

I can't tell you exactly if it would work but at the high resolution, you can see well. Why don't you come and look at it and maybe your questions will be answered. You can call 269-***-****. Thanks

AgoraphobicAlcoholic to Seller:

No need. I walked in on them after work today. Fun fun. By the way do you have any gardening equipment and a large backyard?

Seller to AgoraphobicAlcoholic:


18 February, 2010


Other than that being the most awesome thing I've ever seen, I've got nothing to go on. Other than the fact that that is probably pretty sad that it's the most awesome thing I've ever seen. There's plenty more awesome things, like pandas with chainsaws for arms, or flowers that are actually machine guns. Or pizza. Or the feeling of being right when everyone else is wrong.

Finally have pulled myself out of a deep fricken hole financially. Not eating unless it's from the restaurant you work at, and "free" is about the only way to make headway. Also, Overdraft fees are a bitch.

13 February, 2010

This holiday

If we can call it such, it is. I sit and wonder why would we celebrate such a thing so arbitrary. I know the whole St. Valentine story, and all that other crap people tell you, but really it's just another way to hold on to your precious belongings and be owned by people. I prefer to not even recognize what's going around me. I let the milk chocolate mortars and sweetheart snipers do their job, and i sit back and laugh a the incessant drama. Drama Drama Drama. You wouldn't think working in a tiny little restaurant there'd be so much drama, but it swirls around that place like an evil cloud. You can't even Sit in the parking lot without seeing the black cloud circling above that place. He's fucking her, she likes him her and him are doing such but she doesn't like that he's hanging out with her. So and So did this and now they screwed me over, Somebody did nothing and now everybody's gotta do something. SHe doesn't like her and her sister said something last time she was in here that made her uncomfortable. Him and her once had something but now they don't and he doesn't like him and how he's always around her.

I love drowning in the cesspool of society. Good thing I'm just another drop.

11 February, 2010


As uneventful as my life usually is, there are times where i get caught up in the flow of other events. The last election, superbowl sunday, The Stanley cup series. But sadly enough as i get older, my interest in the Olympics dies down, Like a candle nearing the end of it's wick, my interest is Waning at best. So, please watch the olympics in vancouver, because if the only channel you get is NBC, you don't have a choice.

Yesterday after i had finished one of the slowest shifts ever at the reataurant, i went to partake in some alcohol. I sat around for a few until closing time wound around. There were a couple of guys who were getting a little vocal with each other, pushing each other around and play fighting. Then all of a sudden one of them snapped, and threw a real punch. Liking the bar i go to after work as much as i do, I jumped in and pushed them apart. I then grabbed the instigator and took him outside and told him he should drive his ass home. He did after a little gentle persuasion.

And that's how you break up a barfight.

10 February, 2010

Dear Lemon giver,

This is a letter concerning everyone you've been handing those lemons to in life recently. We all don't know how to make lemonade. It would be wonderful if you gave us at least a lemon squeezer to go with those lemons. Also another note. Please include a 6 pack with your next shipment to my house.

As far as everything else goes life has been pretty up and down lately.