11 February, 2010


As uneventful as my life usually is, there are times where i get caught up in the flow of other events. The last election, superbowl sunday, The Stanley cup series. But sadly enough as i get older, my interest in the Olympics dies down, Like a candle nearing the end of it's wick, my interest is Waning at best. So, please watch the olympics in vancouver, because if the only channel you get is NBC, you don't have a choice.

Yesterday after i had finished one of the slowest shifts ever at the reataurant, i went to partake in some alcohol. I sat around for a few until closing time wound around. There were a couple of guys who were getting a little vocal with each other, pushing each other around and play fighting. Then all of a sudden one of them snapped, and threw a real punch. Liking the bar i go to after work as much as i do, I jumped in and pushed them apart. I then grabbed the instigator and took him outside and told him he should drive his ass home. He did after a little gentle persuasion.

And that's how you break up a barfight.

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