30 March, 2010

More beard update? Yes Ma'am

I would like to discuss the progress of my beard now. I have deicided that after this week of growth, the patch on my chin is no longer necessary, i have to let my beard stand on it's own and not be tethered by some sort of attachment to my face. It is a NECK beard, not a i'm-a-pussy-that-cant-grow-a-proper-handlebar-moustache-so-i-am-deciding-to-grow-a-beard beard. It looks amazing, is truly starting to become the nastiest/sexiest thing i've ever seen. the volume around the chin is increasing, and the jawline is getting more defined, the sad part though is near the ears and further away from my chin it gets wispy and looks more like pubic hair.

Secondly I would like to comment on my abilities. Apparently women are not as shallow as they seem, for during the course of this whole expiriment i have been able to procure a steady relationship with a wonderful young lady named Jen. I explained to her the premise of my unkempt neck, and she fully accepted, with one condition. If i ever find something living in it i have to get rid of it. But she didn't say i had to shave it right away, this still leaves time for pictures. I hope whatever DOES decide to live in my neck is epic, and big. Like a squirrel, or a swallow. compared to a beard, a tiny bird is actually rather large.

23 March, 2010

Week 4 Neckbeardlyneckness

As week 4 of the adventure's of neckbeardia draws to a close, i am stating to have regrets. I look in the mirror and see the nasty, vile slimy growth that is beginning to appear from my neck. The sides fly away, and are wispy. my underchin area is still fairly busy, and well on it's way to being an epic goattee, but the sides just look similar to the pubic area of normal humans. Work has started to notice, making comments about how it's dirty, and to make sure i take care of it, so as to ensure there are no mess ups. I assume they mean for me to eradicate this wonderful Project I have going on. But I will not stop my one man crusade. Even though NOBODY i mean NOBODY reads this, or gives two flaccid thrusts towards what i am doing, I will continue.


16 March, 2010

Beard Week 3

It's that time again, for another beard update. The neckbeard, as per the usual, is continuing to grow. No problems have arisen at work yet, and nothing seems to be coming from it. I've heard a couple people this week discussing the "dirtyness", and how it's nasty. The greatest one so far was my father. I went to see him earlier this week and he simply looked at my neck and said "nice beard". Apparently the same thing was attempted by one of his friends when he was younger. It's a good thing to see that times don't change.

My Mennonite looking neck adornment is not bothering me much so far. It's not itchy, nor does it pose issues when i eat. I think this is on account of how it is situated on my neck, and not my facial area.

Pics to follow

10 March, 2010

beard week 2

TOday is the weekly beardly update. I will not post pictures until later, but the neckbeard is actually growing a little faster. it increased un volume by 2. yeah so.... suck it and stuff

06 March, 2010

Short entry. You ever notice how beautiful the human hand is? How intricate it's workings? The delicate ballet our fingers dance around each other?

03 March, 2010

Neckbeard... part 1

So for the last few weeks I have taken it upon myself to try and grow the nastiest, grossest beard in the history of beardliness. The neck beard. For those of you that don't know what the neckbeard is, It's a gentle protrusion of beard that grows, not on the chin, but under it. The jawline is shaved, but all hair below it remains. Many have tried to pull off an amazing neckbeard, most notably the amish... but i will take this 2010 challenge to the limit. I will push the neckbeard as far as i am comfortable with!

here is the first photo.