16 March, 2010

Beard Week 3

It's that time again, for another beard update. The neckbeard, as per the usual, is continuing to grow. No problems have arisen at work yet, and nothing seems to be coming from it. I've heard a couple people this week discussing the "dirtyness", and how it's nasty. The greatest one so far was my father. I went to see him earlier this week and he simply looked at my neck and said "nice beard". Apparently the same thing was attempted by one of his friends when he was younger. It's a good thing to see that times don't change.

My Mennonite looking neck adornment is not bothering me much so far. It's not itchy, nor does it pose issues when i eat. I think this is on account of how it is situated on my neck, and not my facial area.

Pics to follow

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