23 March, 2010

Week 4 Neckbeardlyneckness

As week 4 of the adventure's of neckbeardia draws to a close, i am stating to have regrets. I look in the mirror and see the nasty, vile slimy growth that is beginning to appear from my neck. The sides fly away, and are wispy. my underchin area is still fairly busy, and well on it's way to being an epic goattee, but the sides just look similar to the pubic area of normal humans. Work has started to notice, making comments about how it's dirty, and to make sure i take care of it, so as to ensure there are no mess ups. I assume they mean for me to eradicate this wonderful Project I have going on. But I will not stop my one man crusade. Even though NOBODY i mean NOBODY reads this, or gives two flaccid thrusts towards what i am doing, I will continue.



  1. I give two, ROCK HARD, THROBBING, EJACULATING thrusts about your great work. Carry on, and document so future generations know that they walk on the shoulders of giants. Giants with neckbeards.

  2. HAHAHAHA, the ad on my left is win free laser hair removal! Google's trying to keep a brotha down.