30 March, 2010

More beard update? Yes Ma'am

I would like to discuss the progress of my beard now. I have deicided that after this week of growth, the patch on my chin is no longer necessary, i have to let my beard stand on it's own and not be tethered by some sort of attachment to my face. It is a NECK beard, not a i'm-a-pussy-that-cant-grow-a-proper-handlebar-moustache-so-i-am-deciding-to-grow-a-beard beard. It looks amazing, is truly starting to become the nastiest/sexiest thing i've ever seen. the volume around the chin is increasing, and the jawline is getting more defined, the sad part though is near the ears and further away from my chin it gets wispy and looks more like pubic hair.

Secondly I would like to comment on my abilities. Apparently women are not as shallow as they seem, for during the course of this whole expiriment i have been able to procure a steady relationship with a wonderful young lady named Jen. I explained to her the premise of my unkempt neck, and she fully accepted, with one condition. If i ever find something living in it i have to get rid of it. But she didn't say i had to shave it right away, this still leaves time for pictures. I hope whatever DOES decide to live in my neck is epic, and big. Like a squirrel, or a swallow. compared to a beard, a tiny bird is actually rather large.

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