27 February, 2010


Well, things have been going alright. Taxes came back, and apparently since I moved out a scant 4 months before the end of the year, my parents get to claim me. This situation is not favorable to my mood because instead of a return I owe nearly 200$. I still smile though. That's all you can really do when times like these roll around. I barely make it from check to check. I can't afford groceries, or clothes. I live off from food at work, and the kindness of people who stop by my place and bring me edible, and sometimes non-edible items. I live in complete and utter poverty. I've actually cut down on trips out for alcohol. I rarely am at the bar drinking alcohol, and if I am, it's on someone else's dime. (Sorry Wisepanda)

Karaoke at a gay bar. Apparently the michael jackson songs all cut off halfway through. Michael jackson is TOO gay for a gay bar, but country songs play just fine. Odd, hmm?

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