30 March, 2011

Another post about work

So, an opportunity has crossed my path. The opportunity to move on with my career, and get out of a kitchen.
I am super happy that i might have the chance to leave the superbly stressful environment that is a kitchen in a restaurant. That kind of environment surely does not breed creativity, as many of you can see. My blog posts are short, full of pictures, and usually about something stupid. It is as if my mind plays itself as a children's book.

My mind does play itself as a children's book. Just lots of pictures with a few words in between.

So, in other news. I went to goodwill the other day with the lady, and found a helluva deal. Sitting there in the electronics case was The Sims 2. For $4.99. Lightly used. I jumped at the deal, and since I'm going to be an architect in the next few years, i figured it wouldn't help but to practice with a game that originated as an architects program to figure out traffic patterns in home design.

I have become addicted. building houses without extravagance, bare minimum structures for families of 1, 2, 2 with a child, 3 with 1 pair having a child. Using the programming to separate them into duplexes, multilevel homes, single level ranch style houses... I love it.

If you do not have The Sims 2. Buy Steal it.


  1. I LOVE BUILDING ON SIMS 2!!! I've built an entire community before!

  2. I have never played any of the Sims games. That is an excellent find. I'm going to have to keep my eyes peeled for video games at thrift stores, it never even occurred to me!