01 April, 2011


I went into work early today. I figured I would be helping out. I did for a while, then things got strange. Someone showed up looking for me. It was the local police. Apparently there were felony warrants out for me on assault with a deadly weapon, Misdemeanor theft, and felony battery. 

To recap WHY this is happening. It is because of my last relationship. When i was with her I could not control my anger. I dont know why. I just couldnt. I would drink to dull the frustrations and dissapointments welling up inside of me from working 50+ hours a week whilst she sat on her ass and did nothing. She demanded money from me at every turn. She basically sucked me dry, and i couldnt take it anymore. 

So I punched walls. I broke my hands, and my wrists. i spilled blood everywhere, and somewhere in the fray she was trying to stop me, and i accidentally swung at her.

I would NEVER hit a woman intentionally. She thought i was being malicious, so she slammed the door. I attacked the door, and tore it to splinters, and a piece of the door hit her in the face, hence the deadly weapon part.

Now as for the theft. I grabbed my laptop and my keys and called my father, who came and picked me up. It  was my laptop, registered in my name, but since she stored some credit card info on it, I apparently stole that when i left the house.

I have no money for a lawyer, and no defense. I will plead guilty in the morning. And i will probably do 5-10.

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