04 March, 2011


So, lately things have been looking up!

I am sad to say that the other situation did not pan out quite that well. A bill for $4800 dollars and an overnight stay in the hospital was the tipping point for a certain mentally unstable individual. I suddenly became the worst person on the face of the planet.

I am sorry you are crazy.

Get over yourself.

I am also proud to say that I am trying to write a screenplay. It is more so for my own letting go process than anything. When you've been through trauma for so long, you need a catharsis.

Moving on...

I have reconnected with someone whom I attended high school with. She is currently studying to be a cosmetologist. Wanna know a secret? *I had a crush on her ALL through the time I knew her.* I never told her though, mostly because she was dating my best friend. The years have gone by, however. She was single, so I snatched her up!

isnt she the cutest? I think it was the monocle.

And since I have not used my optimism in the past, its time to turn a new leaf.

Here are 10 reasons why I consider this an upgrade to my life
  1. I smile almost everyday, and have a lot more fun.
  2. She is 5 10. No more crouching for kisses.
  3. No felonies, Children, drug habits, or horribly mysterious past.
  4. Honesty and trust.
  5. She likes turtles too.
  6. Pedicures. Nuff said.
  7. Cuddling is a must.
  8. *insert awesome naughty stuff here*
  9. My parents like her
  10. Im dating my high school crush.
Anyways... I think im gonna keep posting, especially since i start college again soon. It has been 3 years since ive gone to school. It feels weird being back in the college swing of things. But i like this swing, And the swingset. It is actually a swing that could get me somewhere. Im tired of going back and forth on the same rusty chains.

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