16 March, 2011


There is a little something called Minecraft. It is by far my favorite game. It poses unlimited creativity, and is completely open source.
Basically, you start out on a deserted land. You spawn with no tools, weapons, armor, or instructions. You punch trees, gain wood. Then you make your crafting bench, and make tools and numerous other things in order to survive. During the day, you are safe, but as soon as the crimson sunset ends.... you better hide, or fight.

Here are a couple of my completed projects that were promptly deleted due to my lack of being able to keep any of them handy. lol

That, my friends is what happens when one world crashes, and loads another world on top of it. The seam posed an awesome challenge architecturally, so i pounced on it and created what you see here.
The three decks have 3 or 4 rooms assigned to each area near it... twas actually pretty snazzy... i had recessed torch lighting.

THAT monstrosity, is the hotel. Designed on graph paper in the middle of a box of wine.
each window corresponds to a room. the back of it had a large outdoor rec area including an infinity pool that butted up against the ocean. If you dont know what infinity pool is... look it up. its awesome.

My latest project is to hollow out a HUGE underground area, similar to a pyramid. This is as far as I have progressed.
only 40 more layers. yowch.

Im planning on an underground city, complete with lights, grass, trees, and roads.

visit it.
get addicted.


  1. *Gasp*

    I've actually heard of minecraft, but I've never really tried it.


    Guess I'll try it now...*eek!!*


  2. Minecraft is the s***. Although, I find my world filled only with half-built structures because by the time I figure out what epic thing I want to build next I'm already bored with it. So I end up watching youtube videos from minecrafters with more dedication than I.