20 March, 2011


MY kitten is so getting fixed.
Kitten periods are wayyyyyyy more annoying than people periods.
All my cat has done is Meow.
All. The. Time.
For like 3 days straight.

no, i will not have cat sex with you.

Im taking your ovaries away.


  1. LOL My cat STILL does this and she is fixed. This might not fix the problem. ;)

  2. This is why I refuse to have female animals. Like, they bleed and bitch. Bitch and bleed. I want to punch myself in the face when I do that, what's going to stop me from kicking the cat in the face?

  3. Saw the drawing you made of Kate, it's really good... :P I draw portraits myself, but I suck at it so... XD

    Anyway, not that I'm hatin on cats (we have cats too) but I'm more of a dog person. You don't need to please dogs as much as cats though. Dogs want to please you :P