20 April, 2011

Generation Y

Generation Y, as defined by multiple media outlets, is the group of people born after 1981 until 2001. It is a group of people who were just coming around when technology was booming. We may not remember rotary telephones, or the first attack on the World Trade Center. The thought of not being around computers may scare us, or make us uneasy. We recall fond memories of nickelodeon cartoons. Cell phones and laptops are by our side, but we are still comfortable having face time with other people. Often described as the echo boom, or the group of children created from baby boomers, we strive to be different from the generations before us.
      Well, where does that leave me? Oddly enough, I rest in an ironic part of this equation. Generation Y strives to be different from their given name, naming themselves Millennial’s. This sense of individuality and striving to be different from those before them makes generation Y unique and interesting. I, however find no solace in this description. I am not quite comfortable being described as a Millennial. Calling me a millennial conjures up all sorts of strange images of Justin Beiber, and ipods. I know for a fact that I am not part of that generation. But generation Y makes me seem like I am part of the generation X/Y battle. So, I have figured out a way to define those awkwardly perched in that area between the two generations. That definition being 90s Kids.
      90s kids are defined as the people who were born in the mid to late eighties. We grew up in the nineties with fond memories of the Power Rangers, Oregon Trail, and Saturday morning cartoons. Computers were simple, and the games were simpler. The Nintendo Entertainment System had just brought videogames into our living rooms, something unheard of until this point. We remember Paperboy, and Dr. Mario. Warm remembrances of days spent playing outside tend to flood back when we look  into our childhood. This tends to counter that of children of today.
      The children being brought up today are absolutely swimming in technology. Ipods, Ipads, Iphones, I everything. Its enough to make your head swirl. Even though Generation Y was born in the near infancy of the technology boom we have been surpassed, and find it hard to grasp hold of the technology being thrown at us today. IT will all work out in the end though. As a generation Y person I find it easy to cope with the changing technology. I will miss the outdoors though.


  1. Yes, to all of this, yes. Oregon Trail! On the oooold apple computers in elementary school. Good times.

  2. interesting that it matters to you at all to be part of a generational definition.

  3. It was my psycology paper. we had to put ourselves in a generational group