24 April, 2011

My mission in life

To really boil oneself and their mission in life down into a few simple pages doesn’t really make sense. There are so many subtle nuances and feelings that cannot be captured by words. So, as promised, I will boil my mission in life down even further. By the end of this page I will describe to you, the reader, just how my life is going to go down.
                  At the current moment I am going to college. I am studying to be an architect. By the time I am thirty I should be working as an architect. I will have three college degrees at this point, and have spent 8 years getting those degrees.
                  My plan towards love and relationships is fairly simple. I just have to find someone who can reciprocate my feelings and ideas. I need to be comfortable and myself for her. That is who I plan on spending the rest of my life with. Kids will come easily, because it is what we do. I hope to have two children, as the American dream states.
As for money, it will come easily. As long as I stay happy, and healthy, the rest will fall in place. Happiness is the root of living a good life. As long as I am staying smiling, and keep a positive attitude, I will be alright. However, in order to facilitate change, you have to be unhappy with your current situation. This makes it extremely difficult to keep in a happy place while continuously changing, but it is possible.
            So there it is, my mission in life, boiled down into one simple page. In essence, what I want in life is to be happy, healthy, and loved. It is the vision of every human being since the beginning of time. The details may be a little muddy, but we all want the same thing. It is the nature of humanity.

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  1. i would consider reassessing your relationship desires as having someone to "reciprocate your ideas." although you might be looking for someone with similar if not the same VALUES as you, it is unhealthy for someone to just parrot your own ideas back to you in some strange parody of love. some would even say this smacks of being controlling, which i am sure is not what you meant to convey at all.